The Highest Earning YouTubers

The influence of YouTube on the culture of pop is becoming trend. Many of the people are interested to stream videos as well as uploading videos on YouTube. As they get money if any one subscribe their channel and watch the videos. Most of the people became top and highly earned Youtubers. Let’s discuss about the popular youtubers who turned their business into million dollars.

Let’s discus about the YouTubers who are earning highly and are popular among many other YouTubers.


He is the Swedish Youtuber who highly earns millions of dollars. He has about hundred million subscribers till now. PewDiePie is declared as the most popular influencer on the platform YouTube. He is popularly known for making prominent meme videos and provides entertainment to most of the people through his videos. At present he took a break from his YouTube but still remains as the prominent one.

Dude Perfect

It is the American entertainment channel and sports run by Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, and twins Cory. They all post videos regarding stunts and shots for amazing their audience. With great visual editing skills that are pleasing they continue to attract the audience.


The German social media personality Alejandro Garmendia Aranis has a YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman. He is a writer and comedian who did create wide variety of songs which are entertaining. His channel became the second most subscribed one where Spanish is spoken. Its popularity is going on increasing until now.


The popular channel elrubiusOMG comprises of videos of gameplay and also along with vlogs which acquires him views of 7.4billion. The tweets of ruben also gets most of the retweets. He is known to be a well-known personality of social media due to his prominence in YouTube and Twitter.


He is an American philanthropist as well as Youtuber who posts the stunts videos which are attention grabbing. Few of his videos has planting of trees and counting numbers to two hundred in a 52-hour video. He has many tricks in his hand to impress the people in this year and upcoming year.

Logan Paul

He is an American who is actor, social media personality, and Youtuber. Logan Paul also has his personal podcast, and later began his YouTube account to display different kinds of videos like vlogs, pranks, and stunts. He has partnered with various companies including dating apps in which he filmed pranks on local milfs. He became more popular when he defeated another fellow YouTuber in boxing event of white collar. The video acquired many subscribers and it was shared on boxing channel of YouTube.

Shane Dawson

He is the youtuber, actor, comedian, director, makeup artist, musician who belong to America. His channel of YouTube brough him prominent over the present years making him popular for his videos made in documentary style. In the year 2019, he worked with Jeffree Starr in a documentary displaying conspiracy collection behind the scenes procedure.

Ryan’s World

The reviews of Ryan toys is known as Ryan’s world. This is the YouTube chancel especially for the children highlighting eight-year-old Ryan along with his members of the family. He always posts new videos each and every day. The videos of Ryan’s consists of reviews of toys, videos of vlog style, and content which is childhood friendly. As these videos are meets the requirements of all the ages. This is the amazing channel which is family friendly for viewing in an entertainment and fun way.

Kids Diana show

It is the channel of YouTube which belongs to a Ukrainian girl diana. She posts videos in a regular manner of her lifestyle, playing, and interaction with her members of family. This is the entire channel of YouTube which is good for all ages to see the love of the parents. One of the best and largest channels of YouTube is this channel of diana showcasing her entire lifestyle habits. It mainly concentrates her singing of songs, vlogging videos style, and reviewing of toys. It is amazing that people utilize this channel for educational and other purposes.

Whinderssson Nunes

Whinderssson Nunes is a comedian who belonged to Brazil. His YouTube channel is well known for the wide variety of comedian videos for every upload has thousands of views.
It has about three billion views entirely with vlogs, film reviews, and content with different types of parodies. Having such content selection, the viewers for this channel are going to increase. As this channel offer entertainment in an easy viewing. Every video of this comedian youtuber can bring a laugh in the life of people. It is ensured that watching this man’s videos bring laughter in everyone’s life. His video acts like a medicine to the people. This is the reason views for this channel are advancing further.