Top Streaming Services 2020

There are a lot of streaming services available which are very comfortable to use and are very popular. These streaming services offer huge online libraries which are serving all kinds of users. There are movies and videos which can satisfy users with different tastes. Since the competition is really high, even top streaming services are available today for affordable prices. Most of the streaming services are highly comfortable use. There is an endless amount of different types of content available to stream. Everything from gaming to adult content like webcams on free sex apps. In fact adult content is some of the early stuff that went to the streaming medium with platforms like PornHub, whose popularity is unquestionable.

However, this article will generally cover streaming services that offer mainstream content and many of them will be familiar names.

The majority of the users like to skip TV broadcasts since they can watch the same shows anytime just at their fingertips. This is the reason today streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have gained high popularity. Users should be happy since they are provided with huge number of streaming services to choose from.

We should agree that in today’s market Netflix is the leader. The majority of users prefer Netflix like streaming services. The other streaming service which is competing with Netflix is Amazon Prime Video Service. This service comes along with Amazon Prime subscription. Other popular streaming services are HBO Now, Hulu, and even YouTube TV. If you get used to these streaming services, then there is no need to worry about hefty bills that were paid on monthly basis.

Here is a list of top streaming services available now.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTube TV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Sling TV
  • HBO Now
  • HBO Go
  • Twitch
  • Crunchyroll
  • Crackle
  • iTunes


When we consider the best online TV streaming, NetFlix is the streaming service that comes at the top of the list. Netflix is compatible with almost all devices irrespective of it is Windows, Android, Roku, Apple, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Smart TVs, and even Amazon Fire TV stick.

Netflix comes with a lot of benefits like it is available for the affordable price range and it provides multi-device support as well. More than anything Netflix comes with a lot of options to choose when it comes to video, TV series, and movies. Netflix is the right choice if you are a movie lover. In today’s market Netflix is considered to be the best and biggest streaming service. The main reason behind this is, it always offers users with must-watch TV series and movies.

If you are in search of a streaming service that can replace your TV then it is Netflix. You can survive without TV when you opt for Netflix. The best part is Netflix is compatible with most of the Smart TVs available in the market. The majority of the TV and Movies available on Netflix come with ultra HD quality.

Amazon Prime Video

After Netflix, the next choice you have is Amazon Prime Video. This streaming service also offers a very good collection of TV and very popular films. Amazon Prime Video is compatible with Windows, Apple, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Google Chromecast, and even Smart TVs. The best part is Amazon provides one month free trial for Amazon Prime Videos.

When you choose amazon prime video as a streaming service you get a lot of benefits like it offers huge collection of movies and you have very good collection for kids. The majority of the users feel that Amazon offers brilliant selection of movies. But only thing is some users feel that interface of Amazon Prime Video is not as intuitive as that of Netflix. Both Amazon and Netflix are very good choice when you are looking for streaming services. They are 2 sides of a single coin. But users must also understand that they are not similar. Similar to NETFLIX, even Amazon prime Video offers unique set of series which are original.


Hulu is the right choice if you are in search of big names among the TV shows. Hulu is compatible with Smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Windows, Android, and Apple devices. The main reason users go for Hulu is it is offered with very low base price.

More than that, Hulu has a huge collection of well-chosen TV shows. The only thing is unlike Netflix and Amazon, Hulu is limited to single screen. Hulu offers very popular titles like Saturday Night Live, Simpsons, and even South Park along with NBC, Comedy Central, and even FOX. One thing you should note about Hulu is, it is the single streaming service app which is available on Nintendo Switch. Hulu is available in two forms. One is standard, on-demand streaming service. The other is new Hulu with Live TV. Most of the users prefer standard version of Hulu. The best part about Hulu is, it is available at best price range.

Bottom line

There are a lot of streaming services available today. Some of them like, Netflix and Amazon Prime video are highly comfortable and really worth the cost. Today most people prefer streaming services rather watching the same on TV from cable. More than anything these streaming services offer best TV and movies at very competitive price range.