The Highest Earning YouTubers

The influence of YouTube on the culture of pop is becoming trend. Many of the people are interested to stream videos as well as uploading videos on YouTube. As they get money if any one subscribe their channel and watch the videos. Most of the people became top and highly earned Youtubers. Let’s discuss about the popular youtubers who turned their business into million dollars.

Let’s discus about the YouTubers who are earning highly and are popular among many other YouTubers.


He is the Swedish Youtuber who highly earns millions of dollars. He has about hundred million subscribers till now. PewDiePie is declared as the most popular influencer on the platform YouTube. He is popularly known for making prominent meme videos and provides entertainment to most of the people through his videos. At present he took a break from his YouTube but still remains as the prominent one.

Dude Perfect

It is the American entertainment channel and sports run by Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, and twins Cory. They all post videos regarding stunts and shots for amazing their audience. With great visual editing skills that are pleasing they continue to attract the audience.


The German social media personality Alejandro Garmendia Aranis has a YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman. He is a writer and comedian who did create wide variety of songs which are entertaining. His channel became the second most subscribed one where Spanish is spoken. Its popularity is going on increasing until now.


The popular channel elrubiusOMG comprises of videos of gameplay and also along with vlogs which acquires him views of 7.4billion. The tweets of ruben also gets most of the retweets. He is known to be a well-known personality of social media due to his prominence in YouTube and Twitter.


He is an American philanthropist as well as Youtuber who posts the stunts videos which are attention grabbing. Few of his videos has planting of trees and counting numbers to two hundred in a 52-hour video. He has many tricks in his hand to impress the people in this year and upcoming year.

Logan Paul

He is an American who is actor, social media personality, and Youtuber. Logan Paul also has his personal podcast, and later began his YouTube account to display different kinds of videos like vlogs, pranks, and stunts. He has partnered with various companies including dating apps in which he filmed pranks on local milfs. He became more popular when he defeated another fellow YouTuber in boxing event of white collar. The video acquired many subscribers and it was shared on boxing channel of YouTube.

Shane Dawson

He is the youtuber, actor, comedian, director, makeup artist, musician who belong to America. His channel of YouTube brough him prominent over the present years making him popular for his videos made in documentary style. In the year 2019, he worked with Jeffree Starr in a documentary displaying conspiracy collection behind the scenes procedure.

Ryan’s World

The reviews of Ryan toys is known as Ryan’s world. This is the YouTube chancel especially for the children highlighting eight-year-old Ryan along with his members of the family. He always posts new videos each and every day. The videos of Ryan’s consists of reviews of toys, videos of vlog style, and content which is childhood friendly. As these videos are meets the requirements of all the ages. This is the amazing channel which is family friendly for viewing in an entertainment and fun way.

Kids Diana show

It is the channel of YouTube which belongs to a Ukrainian girl diana. She posts videos in a regular manner of her lifestyle, playing, and interaction with her members of family. This is the entire channel of YouTube which is good for all ages to see the love of the parents. One of the best and largest channels of YouTube is this channel of diana showcasing her entire lifestyle habits. It mainly concentrates her singing of songs, vlogging videos style, and reviewing of toys. It is amazing that people utilize this channel for educational and other purposes.

Whinderssson Nunes

Whinderssson Nunes is a comedian who belonged to Brazil. His YouTube channel is well known for the wide variety of comedian videos for every upload has thousands of views.
It has about three billion views entirely with vlogs, film reviews, and content with different types of parodies. Having such content selection, the viewers for this channel are going to increase. As this channel offer entertainment in an easy viewing. Every video of this comedian youtuber can bring a laugh in the life of people. It is ensured that watching this man’s videos bring laughter in everyone’s life. His video acts like a medicine to the people. This is the reason views for this channel are advancing further.…

Top Streaming Services 2020

There are a lot of streaming services available which are very comfortable to use and are very popular. These streaming services offer huge online libraries which are serving all kinds of users. There are movies and videos which can satisfy users with different tastes. Since the competition is really high, even top streaming services are available today for affordable prices. Most of the streaming services are highly comfortable use. There is an endless amount of different types of content available to stream. Everything from gaming to adult content like webcams on free sex apps. In fact adult content is some of the early stuff that went to the streaming medium with platforms like PornHub, whose popularity is unquestionable.

However, this article will generally cover streaming services that offer mainstream content and many of them will be familiar names.

The majority of the users like to skip TV broadcasts since they can watch the same shows anytime just at their fingertips. This is the reason today streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have gained high popularity. Users should be happy since they are provided with huge number of streaming services to choose from.

We should agree that in today’s market Netflix is the leader. The majority of users prefer Netflix like streaming services. The other streaming service which is competing with Netflix is Amazon Prime Video Service. This service comes along with Amazon Prime subscription. Other popular streaming services are HBO Now, Hulu, and even YouTube TV. If you get used to these streaming services, then there is no need to worry about hefty bills that were paid on monthly basis.

Here is a list of top streaming services available now.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTube TV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Sling TV
  • HBO Now
  • HBO Go
  • Twitch
  • Crunchyroll
  • Crackle
  • iTunes


When we consider the best online TV streaming, NetFlix is the streaming service that comes at the top of the list. Netflix is compatible with almost all devices irrespective of it is Windows, Android, Roku, Apple, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Smart TVs, and even Amazon Fire TV stick.

Netflix comes with a lot of benefits like it is available for the affordable price range and it provides multi-device support as well. More than anything Netflix comes with a lot of options to choose when it comes to video, TV series, and movies. Netflix is the right choice if you are a movie lover. In today’s market Netflix is considered to be the best and biggest streaming service. The main reason behind this is, it always offers users with must-watch TV series and movies.

If you are in search of a streaming service that can replace your TV then it is Netflix. You can survive without TV when you opt for Netflix. The best part is Netflix is compatible with most of the Smart TVs available in the market. The majority of the TV and Movies available on Netflix come with ultra HD quality.

Amazon Prime Video

After Netflix, the next choice you have is Amazon Prime Video. This streaming service also offers a very good collection of TV and very popular films. Amazon Prime Video is compatible with Windows, Apple, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Google Chromecast, and even Smart TVs. The best part is Amazon provides one month free trial for Amazon Prime Videos.

When you choose amazon prime video as a streaming service you get a lot of benefits like it offers huge collection of movies and you have very good collection for kids. The majority of the users feel that Amazon offers brilliant selection of movies. But only thing is some users feel that interface of Amazon Prime Video is not as intuitive as that of Netflix. Both Amazon and Netflix are very good choice when you are looking for streaming services. They are 2 sides of a single coin. But users must also understand that they are not similar. Similar to NETFLIX, even Amazon prime Video offers unique set of series which are original.


Hulu is the right choice if you are in search of big names among the TV shows. Hulu is compatible with Smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Windows, Android, and Apple devices. The main reason users go for Hulu is it is offered with very low base price.

More than that, Hulu has a huge collection of well-chosen TV shows. The only thing is unlike Netflix and Amazon, Hulu is limited to single screen. Hulu offers very popular titles like Saturday Night Live, Simpsons, and even South Park along with NBC, Comedy Central, and even FOX. One thing you should note about Hulu is, it is the single streaming service app which is available on Nintendo Switch. Hulu is available in two forms. One is standard, on-demand streaming service. The other is new Hulu with Live TV. Most of the users prefer standard version of Hulu. The best part about Hulu is, it is available at best price range.

Bottom line

There are a lot of streaming services available today. Some of them like, Netflix and Amazon Prime video are highly comfortable and really worth the cost. Today most people prefer streaming services rather watching the same on TV from cable. More than anything these streaming services offer best TV and movies at very competitive price range.…

The Prominence of Twitch

The famous online service which is utilized for watching and streaming broadcasts of digital video is Twitch. It is concentrated completely on video games yet it is extended to incorporate streams dedicated to creation of artwork, occasional TV series, music, and talk shows. About hundred million people love to use twitch. It turned into popular streaming service on the web due to many reasons. Let’s find out the reason why it is so popular service online.

Why twitch streaming service is so prominent?

The reasons for the popularity of twitch streaming service, they are:

Hosts gaming functions for fans:

Twitchcon is the annual event held specially for the fans of twitch. It concentrates on the publishers, developers, creators, and publishers. All the community gamers of the twitch streaming service join in the events held on gaming.

Encourages unfiltered and unpolished campaign:

It is the platform of live streaming. It is not possible to film rehearsed and perfect videos while you are live on twitch. This is the reason why it seems to be a special service on the web. As people love to stream in real and also can see special quirks and personalities that are authentic. It helps the users or viewers to make decisions of purchasing. This service understand that the viewers depend on live streamers that can show real experience while you play a game. It encourages unfiltered and unpolished live videos and it is capable to create content that is authentic.

Allow real time interactions among viewers and streamers:

The main advantage of using this twitch is that it has the real time chat along with the streaming. Hundreds of gamers utilized this feature for making adventures. This service enables the interactions of real time between streamers and viewers. It is the standing out service when compared with other competitors of social media.

Made gaming a spectator sport and created tournaments:

The platform of this service is made in such a way that gaming became a sport of spectator. For hosting tournaments, twitch made platform easier for streamers, developers, and the brands. Built in game server delays the broadcast of the live for about fifteen minutes and there is no cheating involved.

As in a tournament, the results are important and they shouldn’t be leaked. This is the reason a delay server is built which allows you in picking how much delay you need or want.

How to find streamers for twitch to watch it?

On the front of its website and its applications, twitch recommends to stream. Other prominent manner to discover fresh channels of twitch is through browsing the category of games. This choice is accessible on every application and its website. This is the simple way for finding live stream relating to a particular video game series or title. Other groups to navigate are popular, creative, discover, and communities. These can be discovered on the main site browse section as not every one of them are present in twitch apps which are official.

Most of the prominent twitch streamers are active on Instagram and twitter which makes it social networks alternative. As it discovers new streamers for following it. Utilizing the social media is useful to find new streamers depending on their interests and personality. Which is hard to find when you research through twitch. The keywords used to search twitch easily involve streamer, twitch stream, and twitch streamer.

Where you can watch twitch online?

The streams of twitch streaming service on the web can be seen on the official website of twitch. You can also use the applications of twitch which are accessible for Android, iOS, and other locations. Watching twitch broadcasts and videos is entirely free and it is not needed for viewers to log into the site for streaming twitch.

When you create an account in twitch, it does enable the customers to add their favorite channels for following a list which is similar to subscribing of the YouTube channel. You can even participate in every unique chatroom of stream. The twitch streamers can host to broadcast live stream of another channel to their particular end users.

Thus, these are the reasons for the popularity of twitch and also this is the way to find streamers to watch twitch. In this manner, you can watch twitch on the web.…

Net Neutrality Explained

Net neutrality refers to the idea that internet service providers such as Verizon and Comcast treat all the content that is flowing through their cables and cell towers equally. This implies that they are able to slide some data into fast lanes while blocking or otherwise discriminating against other material. Simply put, such companies are not allowed to block you from accessing services such as Skype or slow down Netflix or Hulu in order to keep you using your cable or rather buy a different video-streaming service.

Open Internet Order

Net neutrality dictates that broadband Internet service providers (ISPs), cable and phone companies such as Verizon and Comcast treat all content on the web the same. This was established under the FCC’s open internet order which was adopted in 2010. The order dictates that the broadband provider needs to be transparent about their network performance and how they are managed, whether they can block content and applications as long as they are legal and they cannot discriminate against service provider. In this order ISP service providers are not allowed to give privileges in terms of speed on certain companies over other companies. When it comes to the consumer side, net neutrality leaves it up to the individuals to decide on the type of content that they want to access.

FCC’s regulations

Federal Communications commission revealed its plan to dismantle regulations that ensure equality when it comes to accessing the internet a concept that is known as net neutrality. The regulations classify broadband access as telecommunications service provider which subjects it to a common carrier. Under the new rules ISP’s are not allowed to block access to any site, application, device or service. The only exceptions that existed were for content which was illegal and harmful such as pornography. However adult companies have expressed concerns about loopholes in new policies that enable collusion for the censorship of adult content. Large adult entertainment companies such as PornHub along with adult dating companies, and free local sex hookup sites have joined with other tech companies to oppose policies that can lead to unchecked censorship.

ISPs were not allowed to slow down services or applications. This implies that they are a not allowed to slow down access to them to be specific they are not allowed to give faster or slower access to certain kinds of internet traffic-based content or whether they competed in some way with ISP’s own service. ISP’s were also barred from charging content providers a fee so as to give users faster or more reliable access to the sites. In other words, they are not allowed to create fast lanes on the internet.

Software companies oppose FCC’s moves

Most of the technology companies are opposed to the move among them being Amazon, Google, Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter, Snap and Spotify. These regulations make it possible for telecom companies to force consumer internet companies to pay for their internet connections. And they argue that only the largest companies are able afford these kinds of costs.

The move has created significant uncertainty in the market and has upset the careful balance that has led to the current virtuous circle of innovation in the broadband ecosystem. It has also eliminated restrictions blocking ISP’s ability to block or slow down user access. According to google the internet needs to be competitive and open. This implies that no Internet service provider is allowed to block or degrade the internet traffic or should there be any prioritization in the selling of first lanes. These rules should apply whether internet is being accessed through cable, wireless or other forms of technology.

Telecommunications company support FCC move

There are telecommunication companies which are in support of the move by FCC. Technology companies such as Verizon are arguing that FCC is not talking about killing the net neutrality rules but rather opening internet rules in a way that is enforceable and on a different legal footing. This view is being shared by other telecom companies such as Charter which recently acquired the time Warner company. Enforceable rules should be administered including strong transparency without blocking or anti-discrimination provisions.

Effects of Net Neutrality Law

The new set rules are expected to affect what the user pays for in internet service, what you pay for online content and the kind of content that is possible to view online. Most of the technology experts believe that under the new rule’s ISPs will charge for internet service. With this kind of rules payment for internet service is broken down into a tiered system of bronze, silver and gold level packages. Alternatively, it will be like buying an airline ticket where you pay extra for a bunch of extra packages.

Content Cost

The other possibility is that instead of charging consumers directly ISP will charge content providers fees for faster access to their sites. For instance, streaming media services like Netflix and Hulu would have to pay extra so as to avoid having their streams slowed down to a trickle. These in turn would probably pass the added cost to the users by raising their subscription fees. On the other hand, ISP would simply opt to give the customers access to some content or instead charge a fee for faster access to whichever service they are willing to pay them more money.

Online Information

There are chances that some of the websites will not be able to access online applications or afford access to the fast internet. As a result, the content will become slower to access and harder to use. The difficulty of dealing with slow-loading sites will very likely lead to the consumers giving upon them altogether. This will make it very hard to find useful information online. For instance, you are a Comcast user and you are thinking about switching ISPs, whenever you try to search online for ISPs in your local area then Comcast could very easily block or slow down access to those sites.

Future of Neutrality

The future of Net Neutrality is on the balance as supporters of net neutrality are still fighting to preserve it at all levels while the opposers are fighting to scrap the rules. It is up to the congress to decide the fate of net neutrality considering the many proposals that have been tabled in the congress.…

Evolution of YouTube

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform where users can create and share their content for an audience of viewers. The audience ranges from children to adults as it has a varied mass media content. It was founded in February 2005 and did not face any difficulty in mounting the ladder of success. It is now one of the most popular and widely used websites. The timeline of YouTube can be tracked as below:


  • Upon its launch, the site was minimalistic in terms of its features. These included various tabs leading to the user’s profile, direct messages, videos, and a homepage which prompted for the username and password, among others.
  • Three PayPal employees founded YouTube, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.
  • It was initially a venture which was funded by an informal investor, and in November of 2005, it received a significant investment from Sequoia Capital.
  • By April 2006, after noticing tremendous growth over the previous months, Sequoia Capital, along with another company, additionally invested in YouTube.
  • By the end of 2006, YouTube had features including subscriptions, playlists, full-screen views, video responses, personalized profiles, uploading from cell phones, history, and a 5-star rating system, among others.


  • Soon, by 2006, YouTube became a part of the most rapid-growing websites on the internet, having over 60,000 video uploads.
  • It was receiving over 100 million views each day. YouTube did not have a monetization program until then, and the views entirely depended upon the content of the video and not its creator.
  • In June 2006, the company entered into an advertising and marketing partnership initiative with the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

A significant milestone: YouTube’s acquisition by Google

  • In October 2006, Google acquired the complete stock of YouTube for over USD 1 Billion. This acquisition was completed in November of the same year.
  • At the time, this acquisition was Google’s second-largest.

Growth Until Now

  • By 2007, YouTube had added a few local language versions.
  • From 2007, YouTube also held its awards, recognizing the best videos on the platform. The members of their community took the votes.
  • In July and November 2007, YouTube and CNN organized and produced presidential debates wherein Republican, as well as Democratic U.S. competitors, answered the questions submitted by YouTube.
  • Moreover, during November of the next month, YouTube took yet another strategic initiative and signed a partnership with CBS, Lions Gate Entertainment, and MGM.

According to a market study, by 2010, YouTube was a dominating online video provider in the United States, having a market share of around 43 percent.

YouTube is now available in several language interfaces. Over the years, YouTube has witnessed a lot of changes in terms of its designs, logos, settings, and format. It gives free access to its users and has now even produced a premium version of its application. It also lets its users earn through their videos. Its database of videos keeps on increasing, and it houses a wide variety of videos. YouTube aims to be a platform that appeals to all demographics ranging from age to region. It has also effectively raised the standards of video making and producing valuable content.…